As more companies adopt remote working for their employees, mobile security has become an area of concern. This is because many employees are accessing corporate data from mobile devices. For hackers, this presents an opportunity to penetrate and steal crucial information. Here are the top security threats targeting mobile devices.

Data Leakage

Date leakage is now widely considered to be a serious threat to businesses. Data leakage involves accidental disclosure of company data by employees, making it accessible to outsiders. Data may leak through apps, sending emails to the wrong recipient, or inadvertently transferring information onto a public cloud service.

Social Engineering

As the line between corporate and personal computing becomes increasingly blurred, social engineering is becoming a potent threat to corporates. It all starts with an email, and before you realise it, significant damage has already been done. Company employees need to be trained on how to identify genuine emails instead of phishing attacks to protect privileged information from malicious attackers.

Wi-Fi Interference

The network used to transmit data determines the security of the mobile device. To safely enjoy Unibet TV live basketball, use encrypted Wi-Fi or data bundles. The use of public Wi-Fi poses a significant threat to mobile users as hackers are now adept in intercepting communication exchanged via unsecured public networks.

Out-of-Date Devices

The use of outdated devices exposes them to unfettered penetration by hackers. A significant number of manufacturers are ineffective at updating their products, which exposes users to security threats. A network of unsecured devices is an open door to cybercriminals and a catastrophe to an organisation.

Loss of Devices

Sometimes cybercriminals do not have to break a sweat accessing company data. All it takes is unlocking a lost or misplaced device. Losing a mobile device gives hackers easy access to breach data security. The time between the loss of a device and reporting it is sufficient to steal troves of data.